Subscription packages (monthly)

up to 3 artworks
Basic artwork's description
Artist's mini Bio
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up to 6 artworks
Basic artwork's description
Artist's mini Bio
1 Featuring Artwork
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up to 12 artworks
Custom artwork's description
Artist's mini Bio
2 Featuring Artworks
Artist Portfolio w. 2pcs
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Number of Artworks

Each package includes a specific number of artworks on display. Set more artworks on display by purchasing another package.

You can always add an extra spot for an artwork on your already purchased package. Contact us for more information.

Basic Artwork's description

The basic description of the artwork includes basic information about the work of art, such as techniques and materials used, dimensions, artist, collection’s details etc.

Custom Artwork description

The custom description of the artwork includes the basic information about the work of art, along with a note of the artist regarding the artwork or the making process.

Artist's mini Bio

Artist’s mini Bio is added under the displayed artwork. It consists of basic information about the artist, along with a picture of himself/ herself in his/ her studio.

Featuring Artworks

If you select one of the premium packages (Van Gogh, Da Vinci) you have the opportunity to make a smaller or larger portfolio of your artworks. While with Frida package you have one bonus featuring artwork.

Featuring artworks are featured on our main page on a circular basis per month and stay permanently on the display of our Portfolios page.

In case you want to add more featuring artworks contact us!

Artist's Portfolio

The gives you the opportunity to create your own Portfolio page in its unique space.

Describe yourself, share info about your work and your educational background. Let people know more about your past, ongoing or upcoming exhibitions. Share your contact information.

Depending on your package you may add 2 to 6 artworks with a basic description on your Portfolio page.

Special features

Add a special feature to your package!

Current Exhibition

Add it for 10€

Spread the news about your ongoing or upcoming exhibition.

Share the info about the venue and the theme of your exhibition, along with photos of your featuring works.

  • 1 per purchase

Add it to your package!

Slideshow Collection

Add it for 20€

Present your new
collection or share your latest art show through a slideshow series in our Gallery.

Get featured for one month on our homepage! 

  • 3 artworks per slide show for 1 month

Add it to your package!