About the artist

Jan Sullivan Fowler is a contemporary Artist working in Japanese Handmade Washi paper and acrylics to create paintings with a unique flowing form.

Her Mom (Kay Sullivan) introduced her to art as a child and later on to Washi paper. She grew up doing art with her at Elm Grove, Wisconsin. She received her degree in Fine Arts from Milwaukee School of Art (now MIAD) in the 70’s, when this new mode of expression, Japanese handmade Washi paper and acrylics became part of her life.

Exotic and esoteric natural papers (Japanese handmade Washi paper) are sourced with acrylics, to create a very Contemporary Oriental motif. Depth, color, and free flowing form are the Trademarks of an Original piece of fine Art from Jan.

Japan was introduced to paper making in the 7th Century. Since, they have taken it to an Art form. JSF Studios exemplifies “Life as Art”, combining the clear ethereal with the contemplative aspects that provide a unifying and calming feeling through her artworks.

Her Artwork honors the Traditional and promotes the sustainability of the Region’s Lifestyle of those wonderful people that have been creating Handmade Japanese Washi for over 20 Generations!

“My style has been referred to as “a new genre of Abstract/Modern”. In Japan, Washi (wa-meaning Japanese and shi -meaning paper) is an art form in itself so I would just say that… I create art with art.

With over 40 years of experience in painting with Washi and acrylics her creations have been hosted in many different venues; From a major Hollywood movie to many public and private collections. She was featured in Luxe Interiors+Design in the Deign Resource Center.

Jan Sullivan Fowler-Artist

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e: jsfstudios.2015@gmail.com

t: +1 414 435 8332