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An indulgence in visual intricacies: Hazel Glass

I have always been creating, as long as I can remember. Drawing came first, then writing, then photography, all before becoming a teenager. At what point did what I was creating become what others would call “art”? I suppose to know that, we would first have to answer the age-old question, “What is art?” For […]

A tribute to self acceptance and positivism: Fotini Tikkou

A tribute to self acceptance and positivism: Fotini Tikkou -The ART.gallery. Elizabeth Souflis interviewing Fotini Tikkou, an amazing illustrator from Greece living in Copenhagen. A tribute to self acceptance and positivism: Fotini Tikkou

My illustrations are simple, colorful and I think they might put a smile on some people’s faces. And I just love that! Her unique style will amaze you. Right from the start, you want to become friends with her characters, listen to their stories, feel their sentiments and follow their advice! She embraces curves, she […]

Sparkling Illustrations: Yaoyao Ma Van As

Sparkling Illustrations: Interview of Yaoyao Ma Van As - ART.harbour Gallery. Elizabeth Souflis interviewing the famous illustrator from Los Angeles. yaoyao ma van as interview

“Season change intensifies the memories and feelings, whether it’s happiness or sadness, I welcome both.” I first met her through her “living alone” series. I am in love with her artworks and I am sure that you are going to fall for her work too. Happiness, nostalgia, sorrow, but above all hope. Seems like her prints […]

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